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Escape Beauty Salon in Galloway Twp. NJ
Escape Beauty Salon in Galloway Twp. NJ

Hey it’s Rachael Pagano here, owner of Escape Beauty Boutique. I want to invite you into the spa if you haven’t been here already. Our mission of the spa is to pamper you but primarily women who come to our spa come because they want to transform themselves forever. Our clients visit to prevent the aging process, renew and restore your skin and revive it to its best possible condition. Aging these days comes in many forms, whether you notice it in your skin, or you feel your age shows in your hair. Or it could be how your body feels or if your hands make you look old.

In addition to monthly facial memberships and one time services we help you with waxing, make-up, blend custom make-up. We also work with brides with their wedding make-up for their big day, plus to get their skin in the best condition. If you are looking for a new spa or if you are looking for an honest opinion about your beauty treatments, I would invite you to fill in your information in the box you will get instant access an exclusive offer via email. I send out Monday emails with available appointments for the week which includes tips and tricks to help your skin or you can call us today at 609.464.2313. Or if you want to book an appointment for yourself now you can click on the tab to make your appointment there. Or if you have no idea what to do with your hair, skin or nails please call us and we can set up a free complimentary consultation.

Just call us and we will be able to find an action plan that will best suit your needs. The staff at Escape Beauty Boutique and I look forward to meeting you.

Escape Beauty Boutique is the place for a spa day full of relaxation in Galloway, NJ. We’ll pamper you, provide top notch facials, hair care, nail care, massages or waxing services.

Call 609-464-2313 for immediate service