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Gul Zone, Owner of DermAware – Rachael Morreale, Owner of Escape Beauty Boutique – Liz Baldwin, Compnay Trainer, DermAware

The Secret Formula

World re-known skin care specialist and formulator of several international lines, biochemist Gul Zone has discovered the secret to effective, results oriented skin care.

The skin requires actives ingredients that work. So she formulated DermAware with hundreds of innovative ingredients. None derived from or tested on animals. The skin requires high concentrations of bio-actives to produce results. So she loaded up every corrective serum, gel, cream or lotion with the highest combination of bio-actives. In fact, you will find no comparable skin care with such high combined concentration of peptides, vitamins, polyphenols, stem cell activators, pure acids, plant derivates and other active ingredients. Mega doses at a super value.

The skin is smart and utilizes ingredients as it sees fir at specific target sites and specific doses. It looks for ingredients with molecules similar to its own. The ingredients must be active and stable to work. If it finds a match, it incorporates it into it’s cellular matrix. So she formaluated SMART skin care that she termed Bio-Targeted Skin Care.

Dermaware Bio-Targeted Skin Care is the ultimate in Skin Care. It’s smart, It is modern. It utilizes proven technologies from science and nature without harsh chemicals, perfumers or fragrances. All this and it feels and smells fabulous on the skin.